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International Conference on Advanced Trends in ICT and Management (ICAITM)

ICAITM is a unique annual international conference in Ghana. It is an interdisciplinary forum for exchange of knowledge on the latest experimental results and theoretical advances in Information and Communication Technology and Management. Every business function embraces technology. Last year (2016), the conference was designed to promote the benefits of cloud Computing. It brought together world recognized experts whose diverse expertise stimulated discussions and push for cutting edge research and collaborations. ICAITM also aims at addressing the issues relevant to Africa and to foster innovation in the all business sectors with the assistance of technology to reduce cost and to increase sharing of much needed resources. This opens the way for Open source in research which will enable educators across Africa to come together as a family to enhance the Body of Knowledge without reinventing the wheel each time. The Conference Organising Committee will make every effort so that all important issues will be addressed clearly during the unhampered discussions which will be the hallmark of ICAITM.

The program will consist of keynote speeches, technical and plenary sessions. We strongly encourage speakers to emphasize the presentation of new and unpublished work. We will ensure that discussions enlighten the outcome and the unsolved questions, and explore new directions. This will be a unique opportunity for young researchers and students to gain information, training and experience in their area of expertise from the world class best established researchers and experts.

During the conference participants will have the opportunity to both network and interact and collaborate with leaders and decision makers in the field of technology and management in various sectors.
Join us in this revolution to lead change in Africa, to envisage a better Technology supported Africa. Africa has it all and will move on to grow further with ICT backed in every field. We look forward to welcoming you in Ghana - the cradle of democracy in Africa.



Monrovia, Liberia


13th & 14th December 2017 – Workshop for CIO’s and ICT Managers.

15th December 2017: Conference.

16th December 2017: Plenary Sessions for paper presentations.


09.00 AM – 05.00 PM

Partners / Technical Speakers from: