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Authors are insisted to submit their original work only (without plagiarism).THE AUTHORS WILL TAKE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL THE ISSUES RELATED TO PLAGIARISM, IF ANY. AUTHORS SHALL BEAR THE LEGAL CHARGES IF ANY (IN US $) FOR DEALING WITH THE CASES RELATED TO PLAGIARISM. Authors are strongly advised to understand about plagiarism before submitting their manuscript. Kindly be aware that any copyright violation/ plagiarism may lead to blacklisting to all the authors by Organizing Committee The authors should agree to indemnify and hold harmless the BLUECREST COLLEGE or ORGANIZER OF ICAITM 2016 from any damage or expense that may arise in the event of a breach of any ICAITM 2016 conference norms/ rules. (Once submission is done by the author will receive the submission conformation with paper ID from the Conference organisers )